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Acquisitions & Funding

We have negotiated the restructuring of business loans worth over 150 million euros.


Company Valuation

Preparation for Selling

Investors finding & Funding


Calculation of true amount of outstanding debt

Calculation of true amount of outstanding debt and realistic repayment capacity of debtor (for enterprises, entrepreneurs and private individuals)


Preparation of Restructuring and Debt Repayment Plans

Creation of Restructuring, Consolidation and Debt Arrangement Plans within all relevant laws and most recent circulars and Ministerial provisions



Negotiations and achievement of agreements on behalf of our clients directly with the banks



Guidance as to the scope and possibilities of the Bankruptcy and Pre-Bankruptcy laws


Accredited Mediators

ADR group and Greek Ministry of Justice Accredited Mediators


Εμπειρογνώμονες Ν.4469/17

Εμπειρογνώμονες - Σύμβουλοι του Ν.4469/17 περί Εξωδικαστικής Ρύθμισης Οφειλών Επιχειρήσεων, με εμπειρία από την αρχή της ελληνικής κρίσης στην εκπόνηση επιχειρηματικών σχεδίων, μελετών βιωσιμότητας και προτάσεων ρύθμισης οφειλών προς τράπεζες και φορείς του δημοσίου


Certified Negotiators

Certified Negotiators with many years of experience in difficult negotiations at all levels of a company’ s structure (unions, employees, shareholders, financial institutions, auditors, supervising authorities, Stock Exchange Commissions)


Certified Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Certified Auditors & Chartered Accountants with experience in local ledger, IFRS and US GAAP accounting standards

Execon Executive ConsultingEXECON deals with the restructuring and re-financing of NPLs for medium and large companies, since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008. We have managed and negotiated the restructuring of non-performing or under-termination loans of a total value in excess of €150M; as well as structuring deals and solutions within all relevant and applicable laws in Greece (Bankruptcy Law, Articles 99 and 106-110 of the Pre-Bankruptcy, “Dendias Law”, “Katseli Law”, provisions of the “Third Memorandum”, etc.).
On behalf of our clients, the partners of EXECON are in constant and direct contact with all systemic banks of Greece and cooperate closely with the specialized leading law firms “Angelides & Partners” in Athens, “NOMOS” in Thessaloniki and KA_Legal in Brussels.