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We are your expert business survival, innovation, and growth advisory.

We help companies, owners, and CEOs escape crises, innovate, and become future-fit.  Maximising profits and shareholder value.

As entrepreneurs and CEOs ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes and we’re here to help you achieve the extraordinary.

With our holistic restructuring approach, unique APISTM growth system and the world-known FORTH© innovation method, we serve our customers in the most suitable way, the shortest possible time and at the best value for money.

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We have designed and implemented more than 100 complex restructuring and recovery projects in small, medium and large industrial and commercial companies all over the world. The partners of EXECON manage crises and implement restructuring projects over the last 30 years.

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We have managed as CEOs, CFOs, CROs and Sales Directors many multi-million euro projects increasing shareholder-value, profitability, sales and market shares; worth billions of euros...

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FORTH is a world-leading method for generating innovation in a company. It doubles the effectiveness of the innovation process in your organisation and creates a growth culture. Recent scientific research proves that...

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With a wide global network of financial investors and business owners we connect needs with funds. We guide business owners and CEOs throughout the entire process of identifying suitable investors for either increasing their company's available funds or selling minority or majority stakes from the existing shares, maximising...

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Advanced Profit Improvement System™

APIS is a tested-and-proven, very effective process developed by EXECON, for increasing sales, reducing costs and improving bottom-line results within a company
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Innovation Method

FORTH is an inspired and client-oriented “Innovation Mission” designed to create within 15 weeks, new business ideas for innovative products, services and business models in a company.
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