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SuperGrowth Skills™

We have managed as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CROs and Sales Directors many multi-million euro shareholder-value, profitability, sales and market-share increase projects, worth more than 5 billion euros.

I want to increase my Profits & Cash


I want to grow my business

  • Sales & Brand Strategy
  • Retail Network Development
  • Salesforce Rewards Systems

I want to develop my leading team

SuperGrowth Skills Workshop


  • The best company growth workshop for your business
  • 2 ½ -Days Intensive Program for Owners & CEOs and their Top Team
  • 5 areas of focus: Strategy, Sales, People, Cash, Leadership

Powerful Business Plans

Creation of powerful Business Plans to achieve profitable and sustainable growth


Strong management teams

Creation of strong management, sales, finance and production teams for start-up or established businesses


Cost reduction programs

Creation of cost reduction, revenue increase and market share gains programs


Business guidance

Experienced guidance of businesses in times of change, restructuring or growth


Shareholders’ value increase

Optimization and increase of shareholders’ value and improvement of overall efficiency of invested capital

Over the past 30 years the partners of EXECON have built many strong sales-, financial- and production-management teams for companies in start-up, development or market establishment phases. By creating and implementing aggressive business plans we have achieved multi-million euro revenue and profit improvements and significant market share gains for our clients.
Our ability to drive forward businesses during difficult times or periods of change, allows us to optimize shareholder value and improve overall profitability.