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Advanced Profit Improvement System™

APIS focuses on overall profitability

APIS increases overall company profitability through a combination of Sales and Margins increase, Costs reduction and Efficiency increase projects and actions.


APIS is designed and tailored individually for every company

APIS is structured individually for each company in order to create a culture focused on continuous search for ways to improve profitability and create excellent products and services.


Improved quality of the final product

Improving the quality of the final product is also an important goal of APIS.


Thousands of companies worldwide

Thousands of companies worldwide implement Profit Improvement Programs boosting competitiveness and profitability.

APISAPIS is a tested-and-proven, highly successful sales development, cost reduction and profitability increase method that has been developed EXECON.
The design and implementation of an aggressive Profit Improvement Plan is a “must” for any business facing financial difficulties and profitability issues.
APIS PlanAPIS PlanAPIS is designed and implemented with the involvement of the key managers of a company, thus achieving the greatest possible internal consensus and significantly increasing the success level.