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We have more than 100 years of cumulative experience as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CROs and CSOs of national and international companies with revenues from €7M to €500M - in Germany, France, England, Greece, Holland and Italy.

Narkissos V. Georgiadis

Managing Partner

Narkissos V. Georgiadis is a successful CEO and Executive Advisor with 25+ years of experience in establishing and running industrial and commercial companies, restructuring businesses and improving bottom line results and shareholder value; having worked for some of the world’ s leading multinationals like Daimler and Procter&Gamble as well as an ATHEX listed family and PE controlled group, across multi-industries including automotive, textiles, cosmetics and consulting.

His extensive background includes developing and leading aggressive business growth and profitability improvement campaigns; executing complex financial and operational restructuring projects; developing and implementing acquisitions, integrating or separating operations; managing cross-border projects; and leading negotiations at board level with shareholders, unions and financial institutions.

Narkissos Georgiadis is ADRg Accredited Mediator;  FORTH Innovation Method Certified Facilitator; Certified Negotiator and Certified Accountant.


International Managing Directors

International Managing Directors experienced in general management, sales development, profitability improvement, corporate restructuring, and building top-performing teams.


Turnaround Managers

Turnaround Managers realizing business potentials and increasing revenue growth while motivating employees, customers and suppliers.


Business and Innovation Leaders

Business and Innovation Leaders with strong marketing and selling skills, driving brands and sales through difficult times while optimizing shareholder value.


Bottom-Line Strategists

Bottom-Line Strategists reducing spending and overheads via rigorous cost controls and asset liquidation.


Experienced Negotiators

Experienced negotiators, who have structured and lead negotiations for multimillion euro deals with banks, shareholders, unions and investors.


Experienced Board Members

Experienced Board of Directors members, who have served as Presidents, Vice Presidents or executive members of the Boards of several publicly listed, limited liability or holding companies in several countries, including a €4Bn holding group.